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Innovative Japanese parade adopt new environmental law

For businesses andสล็อตconsumers in Japan this October, there are many important changes. In addition to raising the VAT from 8% to 10%, there will be a shopping phenomenon spreading towards the end of September, a new environmental law that focuses on reducing food waste problems. will begin to take effect As a result, the business sector, especially food producers and retailers, must adapt. Many of them have taken this opportunity to bring innovations to upgrade the production process to reduce costs and create competitive advantages at the same time.

News agency "Nikkei Asia Review" reports on the adjustment of food manufacturers and retailers in Japan to cope with The new statute that came into effect in October and lowered business costs at the same time, such as snack maker Calbee, has extended the shelf life of potato chips from four months to six months. including adjusting the expiration date by specifying only the month instead of specifying the old date This change, in addition to reducing food waste. It also helps to reduce the cost of inventory control as well.

Going in the same direction as "Nichirei Foods" (Nichirei Foods), a producer of processed chicken meat that uses artificial intelligence technology. or AI to increase the efficiency of the chicken meat screening process instead of the traditional X-ray imaging system The company aims to reduce food waste by 80% within 3 years. Developed a new cabbage washing process to extend the life of fresh cabbage up to 1 day.
"Kikoman" (Kikoman) has introduced a new innovation of sauce bottles that can maintain the quality of the sauce for up to 120 days after the first use, and also has "Sagamiya Foods" (Sagamiya Foods), a major producer of tofu. that uses weather forecasts to help forecast demand and optimize production It is expected to reduce costs from waste products by up to 10 million yen.
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