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Open the list of Asian nations. Aims to stop testing for Covid before entering the country

Explore any Asianเอ็กโอ วอลเลทnation Allowing Thai travelers to enter without screening after Prof. Respite PCR testing before entering the country. according to a multinational approach

On April 22, 2022, a meeting of the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CDC) resolved to adjust measures for foreign travelers entering Thailand. which has an important point is Abolish all RT-PCR screenings, switching to ATK screening during check-in. If infection is found, enter the insurance process. or according to the responsibility of the person For travelers entering countries with a history of complete vaccination doses

Elderly people, the Cabinet increases the living allowance 700-1,250 baht for 6 months.
100 million durian Thrilling to find covids. China closes checkpoints. Price swings heavily.
Found and paid, claim flooding hundred million to the queue for Sinkhong, filed for business rehabilitation
For travelers who have not yet received the vaccination criteria (Unvaccinated Travelers) Get tested for COVID by RT-PCR on the 4-5th day of arrival in Thailand. We also recommend that you do a Self-ATK check during your stay, if the infection is found to go through the insurance process. Or according to the responsibility of the person. The latest measures of Prof. to come into effect from 1 May 2022 onwards.

latest progress As a result, Thailand has become the latest nation in ASEAN that has a way to reduce the screening process before entering the country. very hopeful especially in the Thai tourism sector, which may see the light at the end of the tunnel to revive the tourism industry again According to the trend of countries around the world, there are more relaxation of covid test measures before entering the country.

At present, for the Asian region Few countries have abolished screening measures. Open to foreign travelers with a history of complete vaccination through-out The country was like before the pandemic. While some countries have opened their borders but still maintaining the screening for infection While some countries tend to relax more border crossings as well.

According to information on the tourism website KAYAK, which monitors border crossing policies, has divided the entry measures into 3 main groups: "open country free, "open country with conditions" and "nations that still close borders".

For a group that opens a full country There are only two countries in Asia, Maldives and Mongolia, where travelers from Thailand can enter the country without showing a vaccination record.

As for countries that are open with conditions or Open with restrictions in ASEAN and Asia, such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, for Singapore, it is considered a country that has a way to open borders and adjust measures. in the country to coexist with covid in the most concrete way

However, in the conditionally open countries Each country has different details, for example Cambodia still bans travelers from Thailand who have not completed their vaccinations. must be quarantined before entering the country Thai nationals who are fully vaccinated can enter Cambodia without quarantine or need to be tested on arrival. They just have to show the results of the infection test before traveling.

Japan is only open to business or study travelers. Not accepting foreign tourists South Korea opened the country to welcome foreign tourists without quarantine since April 1. You must show evidence of complete vaccine doses including booster needles. But there are still restrictions for travelers to some countries, according to the South Korean government's list, that, despite the full dose of the vaccine, are still subject to a seven-day quarantine.

Currently, the remaining 36 countries around the world are still closed. The important countries in Asia that are still closed are China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan.

On April 19, Singapore Tourism Board chairman Keith Tan said that Singapore is considering canceling COVID-19 testing. Everything is provided to tourists who are fully vaccinated. In the past, Singapore has lifted all measures of coronavirus testing for tourists who are fully vaccinated upon arrival at Changi Airport. But travelers must show proof of infection before traveling. The latest adjustment of Singapore measures will be to cancel the infection test before traveling.
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