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Different Kinds of Wigs For Sale
Allove Hair
Whether it is a change in hairstyle that you are looking for or solutions to your hair loss problems, wig have become a great investment for most people. But before you invest in any hair piece, have a look at the different types of wigs for sale and see which suits your needs best:

Standard cap wigs -The most important part of the wig is its cap that is attached to the scalp and has the hair ties onto it. A standard cap wig is pre-designed and is machine sewn, with the top hair styled in a way that the base cap underneath cannot be noticed. This type of wig is quite affordable and commonly bought because it has a life and makes your body wave hair look voluminous.

Monofilament cap wigs -This is a very natural looking and versatile type of wig that has a thin material at the crown, which is breathable and seems to look just like your scalp. Due to this illusion, you can style your hair any way you want without the wig being detected!

Capless wigs - These wigs are extremely light and breathable. Instead of a base cap they have thin vertical strips of lace running through, with space in between.

Human hair weaves -Hair Weaves are available in a number of different materials, and the most natural of them all is human weaves. Available in almost every weaves texture and color, these wig can be styled and maintained just like your natural hair without the problem of actually damaging your actual hair. Human hair extension looks extremely natural and is very difficult to detect.

Synthetic wigs -Another material wigs are available in is synthetic. While they are not as fine as human wigs, the high quality synthetic weaves look very natural. They are however cheaper than human wigs, but cannot be styled with straighteners or curlers.

Lace wigs -The most popular of the lot, lace wigs are worn by many celebrities and is the most natural of any wig created. They have a base cap that is glued with an adhesive around the complete hairline, giving the illusion of it being your own scalp and natural hair. Lace wigs use natural remy weave and they are extremely versatile and can be styled in any way you want!

Vacuum wigs - These are the most expensive wigs in the market as they are custom made for the wearer. A mold is made of the wearer's head and according to the dimensions a silicon base is created with hair injected into it. The silicon base can feel quite warm on the head when worn for a long time and so this wig takes some getting used to.

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