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We only have hints and glimpses Dalton Schultz Color Rush Jersey , and a lot to really learn. But let’s take a shot anyway." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteBlogging The BoysBlogging The Boys, a Dallas Cowboys fan communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsLibraryCowboysOddsShopAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Dallas Cowboys NewsFiled underŠypsosi2allas Cowboys 2019 OTAKellen time: Projecting how the new offensive coordinator will shape the Cowboys’ offenseNew,129commentsWe only have hints and glimpses, and a lot to really learn. But let’s take a shot anyway.CDTShareTweetShareShareKellen time: Projecting how the new offensive coordinator will shape the Cowboys’ offenseMatthew Emmons-USA TODAY SportsIt has been a busy offseason for the Dallas Cowboys with some major moves, like getting DeMarcus Lawrence’s contract worked out, signing Randall Cobb, trading for Robert Quinn, and of course the draft picks. None of that has more significance or likely impact than the first major decision the team made. That was moving on from Scott Linehan and promoting QB coach and former team member Kellen Moore to offensive coordinator. It was both a daring and comfort zone move, as Moore is very inexperienced as a coach but has been around the team since Linehan brought him in as a backup QB in 2015. He knows Jason Garrett and his system very well, but now has the responsibility of making it work while bring the changes almost all of us have been begging for, at least for the past couple of seasons.OTAs are a hard thing to get a lot of solid data from. Mostly they are about installing things, in this case the new wrinkles that Moore wants to use, and integrating newer faces with the established veterans. (For a nice look at what Moore is trying to do at this point, you might check this David Helman piece at the mothership out.) We still dig through reports and video from the one practice a day open to the media. Any tidbit from that is combined with things like who the team has brought in, and who it has retained, to try and suss out just what Moore is going to do.So far, things have been quite encouraging. Our Connor Livesey took a look at what we may have learned earlier. If you missed it, you should go back and give it a read. This article is going to build on that, probing deeper into how Moore is going to use his personnel, and how that may affect the breakdown of offensive positions on the 53-man roster.Let’s start with a quote from Connor’s article.That gets me pumped up, and probably is very appealing to all of us who were begging for the team to move on from Linehan. One clear departure from the old way of doing things this indicates is the much anticipated use of motion and personnel to achieve favorable matchups. This applies specifically to the red zone, where so much of the time last year the team would go out and basically scream “RUN COMING” with the way they lined up. Now, we have our first solid evidence that Moore really is going to use motion and alignment rather than a bunch of big bodies to try and create running room. At the same time, it makes passing the ball more viable. Unpredictability is seen a crucial to a more efficient offense, and using 10 personnel in these situations does just that. (For any who don’t know how the number is used to indicate the personnel on the field, the first number is how many running backs are used and the second tells how many tight ends are on the field. Subtract that from five, and you also see how many wide receivers are in the mix.) This allows the Cowboys to go after the weak part of the defense. If they still load up the box, you throw the ball https://www.dallascowboysfanshop.com/Michael-Gallup-Jersey , since at least one of the wideouts will be single covered. If they play to stop the pass, hand it off and the offensive line should be able to open up a nice hole because of the numbers. The quarterback can audible to change the play if needed, and it also is a great way to use a run-pass option. RPOs can either involve a handoff or a fake to use play-action, or let Dak Prescott use his legs, with the RB either faking to draw defenders to the middle of the field, or serving as a blocker for Prescott. You quickly see how the options flow from the personnel package. It complicates the problem for the defense and lets the Cowboys play to their strengths. In this case, those are the offensive line (which looks on track to a return to the superior play that we saw just a couple of seasons ago), Prescott’s athleticism and growing football savvy, and the talents of Ezekiel Elliott and perhaps Tony Pollard. Both of the latter are also good receivers, so that just adds one more level of complexity. That idea has been discussed a lot since Moore got the nod as OC, but one thing that has not gotten as much attention is how he may use a more old-school aspect of the Cowboys offense, the fullback. It is pretty well established how Garrett likes to use a fullback as part of the offense, but under Linehan, the position was largely unused. I saw somewhere (sorry I can’t find the reference) that Jamize Olawale’s new contract was the first one done after Moore’s promotion. This may be a bit too much connecting the dots, but you have to wonder, as the original source I have lost did, if that was not influenced by Moore. It could indicate a plan to incorporate Olawale more in the offense. And there is already evidence that this might be the idea.Like Elliott and Pollard, Olawale has some value as a receiver, although many mostly remember a somewhat egregious drop he made in the red zone that fed the idea that execution was just as much a problem as predictability last year. Still, putting what appears to be a running package on the field has some interesting effects in the passing game.This does not reflect the percentages for running versus passing, but it does make one thing clear. Passing when you have any “heavy” group on the field leads to big gains. It is apparently a perfect example of doing what the defense doesn’t expect. That is believed to be what Moore is going to bring to the table, and the fact the team is working with a lot of two-back sets is indeed very intriguing.The fact that the team seems to be leaning more to two RBs rather than extra TEs may be the real element of Jason Witten’s “reduced role”. Early indications are that he is the starter, but what looks to be a real change is that there often might not be a TE out there at all, as the 10 personnel quote above indicates. There haven’t been any observations of much use of a 20 package, but then we shouldn’t expect to see all the tricks during the OTAs. Training camp and preseason games will let us know just how much the team is going to de-emphasize the reliance on the TE to run the offense.That leads to speculating on how the roster will be constructed on offense. This opinion from the resident scouting guru at DallasCowboys.com caught my eye.While the emphasis in this piece has been on how Moore is going to use his backs and tight ends, the team still needs a good corps of wide receivers to use things like 10 personnel. And it is a given that 11 personnel is going to be the most common package. It is just a key element of Garrett’s philosophy. That means the team will likely go a bit heavy at WR, with six seeming a likely number for the 53-man roster. Dallas has also loaded up on the offensive line, so that may also be heavy https://www.dallascowboysfanshop.com , with perhaps nine carried. Clearly, running back is not going to be a place to skimp with a heavier use of things like 20 groups. So the logic of going light at QB and TE makes a lot of sense.We don’t know for sure just how this will all come together, but one thing is obvious. Moore is having a real impact on things, and either is in complete alignment with how Garrett wants the offense run, or is being given rein to do it his way. In either case, things are looking rather exciting. The roster looks to be loaded with talent all over the offense. If Moore is able to use it properly, and the prospects look good, this could be a potent attack.Grading the Cowboys’ 40-7 demolition of the Jacksonville Jaguars The 2018 season hasn’t been particularly enjoyable for Cowboys fans. An anemic offense has left fans feeling somewhat helpless about the team’s fortunes. Adding to the gloom was a difficult challenge in week six, facing the league’s number one defense. Naturally the Dallas offense came up with their highest scoring game in recent memory and combined with a very strong defensive performance for the team’s best, most complete effort of the season. The 40-7 victory returns the team to .500 on the season and sets up a suddenly important game next week against the NFC East-leading Washington Redskins. Let’s go to the grades. OVERALL: AHonestly, there’s little to nitpick from Sunday’s outcome. The Dallas offense scored on all four first half possessions. Included were three consecutive touchdowns that gave the Cowboys a commanding 24-0 halftime lead. This was a significant accomplishment as the Dallas offense had yet to score three touchdowns in any previous game this season. The Cowboys finished with 378 yards, ran for 206 yards, committed no turnovers, held the ball for for nearly 39 minutes and scored on eight of the team’s eleven possessions.Perhaps most importantly, Dallas converted seven third downs after averaging only 3.4 third-down conversions over the first five weeks of the season. In short, the offense enjoyed a highly productive, high-scoring, error-free game. The defense, meanwhile, was absolutely stifling. Jacksonville averaged 3.9 plays and 16 yards per possession. Only three of the Jaguars’ 12 drives went farther than 14 yards. The Jaguars had zero red zone opportunities. That’s remarkable. The defense also generated two turnovers for the second consecutive week while also recording three sacks (the team is on pace to record 46 sacks for the season). The only real complaint was allowing the Jaguars a glimmer of hope by allowing yet another deep touchdown pass after halftime. Other than that one 82-yard drive the defense was dominant. COACHING: AJason Garrett silenced the critics calling for his removal for at least one week. The team’s all-around great performance should buy Garrett at least a one week reprieve from the proverbial hot-seat. The team came out prepared and ready to play; they were crisp and disciplined throughout. Similarly, Scott Linehan should receive kudos for an electric game-plan where the play-calling was an indisputable strength after being a constant target of criticism throughout the season. Truth be told execution probably had more to do with the success of the play-calling than any change in Linehan’s philosophy. No matter, this week the plays worked so Linehan’s a genius (for this week). QUARTERBACK: AThis is exactly how Dak Prescott can thrive in the NFL. He’ll never be a high-volume passer but he can be an effective, efficient contributor to a capable offensive performance. Prescott is best when he’s making plays with his legs and he did that repeatedly Sunday. His82 yards rushing is the second-highest ever for a Cowboys quarterback. He ran for a touchdown and repeatedly made first downs and big plays with both designed runs and scrambles. Prescott also had arguably his best day of the season throwing the ball. He was more confident and accurate than we’ve seen since the early part of his career. Prescott has two solid games in his last three contests which is a significant development considering his downward trend since mid-2017. Dak did enjoy some good fortune. He fumbled on both of the team’s first two possessions and both times had the ball bounce right back to him. Combined with his fortuitous recovery of a fumble last week against Houston and that’s three consecutive times Prescott has relinquished the ball and then been able to immediately retrieve it. That’s not likely to continue. There’s has been some criticism of Prescott for not seeing a wide open Ezekiel Elliott for a touchdown on the team’s first drive. However, Elliott didn’t break open until Prescott was under pressure. Prescott, under pressure, saw an open lane and used it to run for a first down (while fumbling and retrieving the ball on the way). You can’t tell Prescott to make plays with his legs when they’re available - and then criticize him for doing so. RUNNING BACKS: AEzekiel Elliott continues to amaze. He finished with “only” 106 yards on 24 carries but ran tough the entire day, making the most of every run. Jacksonville clearly set out to stop Elliott and force Prescott to beat them. Running lanes were small and Elliott frequently had nowhere to run. The team continued to give him the ball and he made enough plays to keep Jacksonville honest throughout. He did break one run for 21 yards, caught a single pass for an 11-yard first down and effectively finished the game with his 15-yard touchdown run. OFFENSIVE LINE: ASunday’s match-up was supposed to be a monumental challenge for the Cowboys struggling offensive line. Yet they had Dallas Cowboys Customized Jerseys , by far, their best week of the year. While they didn’t open gaping holes for Ezekiel Elliott they did enough to allow Dallas to stick with the run game. More importantly, they gave Prescott time throughout the game against the Jaguars fierce pass rush. This was a massive improvement over last week when the Texans’ athletic defensive front gave the Dallas OL trouble throughout the game. TIGHT ENDS: BNothing the tight ends did really stood out Sunday. Geoff Swaim did contribute another big gain off the team’s patented drive-opening bootleg. Blake Jarwin added a nice block on Prescott’s touchdown run. Rico Gathers got loose for a 14-yard catch on his only target. Frankly, anything the tight ends can contribute is gravy and as long as they’re not making mistakes and making plays when given the opportunity it’s all good. WIDE RECEIVERS: B+Cole Beasley claimed he was open recently and proved it against the Jaguars. Pretty much every Cowboys’ drive featured Beasley either converting a key third-down catch or finishing the drive with a touchdown. He ended up with nine catches on eleven targets for 101 yards and two touchdowns. It was the Cowboys’ first 100-yard day for a wide-out since Terrance Williams went for 141 yards last year against Kansas City. Michael Gallup also made a key contribution with a clutch 27-yard, third-down catch on the team’s first drive. He had an apparent touchdown catch on the same drive that was (correctly) ruled out of bounds. Gallup is the only Cowboys’ receiver to show any ability to get up in the air and win contested balls.Allen Hurns had zero catches on five targets to continue his disappointing season. DEFENSIVE LINE: A-The Cowboys stifled the Jaguars throughout the game and any time that happens the defensive line is doing a good job. Jacksonville ran for only 65 yards. Bortles was sacked three times and rarely had much time to throw. It wasn’t a dominant performance but it was a highly effective performance. Remarkably, Demarcus Lawrence wasn’t the key instigator, instead being a component of a strong team performance. The return of both Maliek Collins and David Irving was felt immediately as Irving made an impact on his first play. Randy Gregory, finally, had more plays than penalties and had his best game of the season. This was the first time we’ve seen Lawrence, Gregory, Irving and Collins together, and their combined effectiveness should provide optimism for the future. Taco Charlton also had a nice play, sniffing out a mis-direction screen for a TFL. LINEBACKERS: AJaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch again combined for a strong sideline-to-sideline performance. The young dynamic duo recorded 19 tackles, including 13 solo. Smith forced a fumble that led to a turnover. There weren’t a lot of eye-popping plays but instead a workmanlike effort that contributed to a stifling defensive performance. It will be interesting how the team will handle the return of Sean Lee and if they come up with more three LBer sets to get all three on the field. Smith and LVE have been that good. SECONDARY: B+Honestly, the secondary wasn’t stressed too much. When they were, however, they were up to the challenge. Byron Jones had another strong game. Jourdan Lewis made a nice play to recover the fumble caused by Jaylon Smith. And of course Jeff Heath did another Jeff Heath thing, snagging a pass that banged off Byron “hands of stone” Jones and returning it to the Jaguars’ four-yard line. The only real blemish for the defense was the Jaguars’ lone touchdown, a 44-yard touchdown pass from Bortles to Dede Westbrook. Vander Esch was beaten on the play but asking a linebacker to cover a wideout 30 yards down the field seems unrealistic. Not sure if Heath was supposed to help or what. The one area the Cowboys’ defense has been exposed is on long pass plays as they’ve given up numerous big plays the last four weeks and it again reared its head on the team’s one breakdown Sunday. SPECIAL TEAMS: AAnyone missing Dan Bailey? No? No one? Brett Maher is having one of the best seasons of any kicker in the NFL. He’s now 15-of-16 on field goals for the season and hasn’t missed any extra points. Twenty-six times he’s been asked to kick the ball through NFL uprights and 25 times he’s converted. Sunday he made three kicks from 46 yards or more, including a 55-yarder that was the second longest in team history. His chart on the season:As you can see Maher is now 3-for-3 on kicks of 50+ yards. Every kick seemingly goes right down the middle. It’s only six games, but the Cowboys’ decision to move on from Dan Bailey and forward with the Brett Maher era looks like a wise decision. SUMMARY: It’s not an exaggeration to say the Cowboys’ may have changed their entire season Sunday. Prior to the team’s week six performance it was looking like this team was headed towards a losing season. Both the head coach and the quarterback looked like they might not be here next season. But now, seven days later, the Cowboys prepare for a showdown against the division-leading Washington Redskins for first place in the NFC East. While anything can happen, and both the coach and the quarterback could still be looking for work after the season, things look much more interesting now than just a week ago. Let’s embrace this Cowboys fans and enjoy the ride we’re now on.
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